UI Case Study: Javelin Sports

Javelin Sports is an all-in-one mobile sports app for team management, and for people to join pick-up games and to find leagues


Refresh the user interface with a more modern look and feel


  • Compared Javelin with its competitors
  • Looked at other social apps, such as Meetup, Airbnb and Instagram for modern design trends

Design Inception

Current Colour Palette

Colour Palette (Current Branding)

Style Tile

Style Tile – Final with Annotations

Design Decisions

Pick-Up Games Design Decision
Calendar Design Decision

Style Guide

Style Guide – 1 Page

The style guide didn’t differ much from the style tile. There were only two small changes:

  • The “Menu” blue was changed to the same colour as the CTA buttons (#37BDFF) since it looked better as the header colour
Menu Colour – Before and After
  • The green in the calendar was changed from a grassy green to one that was a bit more on the teal/turquoise end — #1FAB92. This colour tone was a happy accident. My UX team member applied this colour in the mid-fi wireframes, and it just looked better!
Calendar Colour – Before and After


  • Modernized the overall look and feel of the app
  • Blue used as the main colour to make the app feel friendly and inviting
  • Brighter colours used to better associate Javelin with sports, action and energy
  • Each sport is colour-coded to add a subtle dimension and to bring excitement to each sport that’s fun in their unique way
  • Designed with accessibility in mind

Client Testimonial

My team has just reviewed the final project on Figma. It is simply astonishing. Thank you so much for everything that you guys have done for us ... If you guys are interested, Justin and I would love to keep you guys on board as the advisers for our future product development. Keep in touch!

Last updated: October 6, 2018

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