UX Case Study: Side Launch Brewing Company 

The Side Launch Brewing Company is one of Canada’s finest craft beers with a growing reputation.

The Challenge

  • Build greater brand awareness where consumers associate Side Launch with great quality beer
  • Compete with other big name craft beers and capture greater market share
  • Increase the sales of Side Launch merchandise 


Research Techniques and Insights

Surveys and Interviews

To understand beer consumption patterns and preferences

  • Mostly social drinkers, consuming 2-5 beers a week
  • Bored with mainstream beer
  • Motivation for trying craft beer to experience a different taste
  • Brand, price and quality considered to be important factors
  • Consumers have heard of or tried Side Launch beer
  • Familiarity with the brand seems primarily associated with their Wheat beer
Competitive & Comparative Analysis
  • 9 major competitors
  • Websites are cluttered, disorganized and difficult to navigate
  • Dark and dull colours

User Persona

Side Launch User Persona



To tap into our audience's strong enthusiasm for experimentation by exposing them to Side Launch's diverse lineup of beers

User Stories

"As a craft beer enthusiast, I want to visit Side Launch's website to learn more about the brand and to see what offerings they have so that I can experience a different flavour."

"As a craft beer brewery, I want beer enthusiasts to visit the website to learn more about the brand and its diverse offerings to boost our sales."

Usability Testing

Here are some design iterations that we did before arriving to the final prototype.

1. Homepage

Homepage Usability Testing

2. Beer Description

Beer Description Usability Testing

3. Merchandise

Merchandise Usability Testing

Design Decisions

After producing low and mid-fidelity wireframes, our UI team member added the finishing touches to create an entirely redesigned website. Here are some screenshots of the final design:

Homepage Hifi with annotations
Beer collection with annotations


  • The homepage provides customers with an immediate sense of the best that Side Launch has to offer: beer collection, merchandise and accolades
  • Homepage integrated with Instagram to increase new followers and capture greater engagement
  • Entire Side Launch beer collection displayed on one page to quickly introduce users to the brewing company’s diverse lineup
  • Merchandise featured on the homepage to entice customers to act as ambassadors for the Side Launch brand
  • Simple and clean looking interface


The client was very impressed with the design and was keen to have it developed. Unfortunately, there were changes within the organization and the website redesign was put to the back burner. I was disappointed.

Last updated: October 27, 2019

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