UX Case Study: The Little Paper 

The Little Paper is the go-to-guide for Toronto parents with young children, conveniently aggregating a list of children's events taking place in the city.


Update the functionality and usability of the site to reflect the needs of the online magazine's changing user demographics

Little Paper's Pain Points

  • Many of the existing subscribers to Little Paper's e-newsletter discovered the publication when it was in print and this medium was very effective in driving traffic to the website.
  • The website was not able to quickly convey its value proposition to new users.
  • Mobile users showed a particularly high bounce rate as the design was not optimized for smaller screens.


Research Techniques

  • Surveyed Little Paper's current newsletter subscribers and Facebook followers to obtain their feedback on the publication
  • Interviewed young urban moms to inform adesign that would address their neds in raising young children in Toronto
  • Conducted a competitive and comparative analysis to identify what differentiates Little Paper

Little Paper's Competitive Advantages

  • Strong readership and referrals since inception
  • Authoritative resource for Toronto families with young children
  • Weekly list of weekend events ("Weekend Tipsheet")
  • Community-oriented resource that trumps conventional advertising
  • Humourous, clever and infomred voice
  • Timely, comprehensive, authentic and trustworthy

Other Research Insights

  • Readers belong to an older age group that uses Facebook as their social media platform of choice
  • Only a minority of Little Paper's readers are within the target age group
  • Interviews with "young urban moms" revealed a preference for Instagram over Facebook
  • Young mothers generally access digital information on their mobile first before desktop
  • Little Paper's existing website is not the most user friendly

Target Users

Little Paper Primary user persona
Valeria's Pain Point

When searching for things to do with her family, the young urban mom finds that the existing digital resources to be very overwhelming and disorganized. She struggles to find community events and activities that could be of interest to her family.

Little Paper Secondary user persona
Michelle's Pain Point

Michelle also finds it equally a struggle to find community events and activities that could be of interest to a child.


User Stories

"As a mom, I want to go on to find out what events are happening in Toronto."

"As an online magazine, i want to make it easier for moms to find events in Toronto."

"As an event planner, I want to advertise my events to increase attendance."


  • Mobile-first design
  • Bring the feel of the print magazine back to digital
  • Avoid using the hamburger menu and be able to display the Little Paper’s offerings in one go
  • Integration of native and display advertising
  • Integrated calendar of events
  • Cross-linking within website
  • Social media sharing opportunities

Usability Testing

1. Home Page

Homepage usability testing

2. Events Page + Filter

Events Page & Filter

3. Seasonal Guide

  • “Blog” section was replaced with a “Seasonal Guide” section that would include both editorial-style content and featured events associated with a particular season
Seasonal Guide Usability Testing

Design Solution


Site Map

User Flow

User Flow P3-V5


The clickable prototype can be viewed at

Below are some design screenshots.

Little Paper Mockup
Little Paper – Events filter
Little Paper – Weekend Highlights
Little Paper – Seasonal Guides


  • Mobile-first design to engage digitally with young urban moms
  • Avoid hiding items in the hamburger menu to allow users to immediately engage with Little Paper's website functionality
  • Improve the event search experience
  • Integrative advertising to enable Little Paper to inject its voice into the content simultaneously capturing advertising revenue
  • Promote social media sharing opportunities to drive referrals to the website
  • Bring feel of the print magazine to digital with plenty of images


The founder loved our design and RED Academy's web development students had worked on bring it to life. Unfortunately, things didn't quite work out.

Last updated: October 27, 2019

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