UI Case Study: Tours of the 6

Tours of the 6 offers walking tours in Toronto. Inspired by Drake's love for his hometown, Tours of the 6 enthusiastically takes visitors (and locals) to “the most Instagrammable hot spots around town”.

The Team


Tours of the 6 wanted to expand their reach beyond just the Drake fans and also cater to a wider demographic. They wanted to step away from the gritty image and came to us to redesign their website with the following pain points and objectives:

  1. Narrow scope — Tours of the 6 currently only hosts one route and would like to represent and showcase more of Toronto’s diverse neighbourhoods
  2. Competition — Tours of the 6 wants to differentiate itself.
  3. Niche branding — The current brand image lends itself to be too young and gritty, deterring visitors from different age groups to participate. Tours of the 6 wanted to adopt a new brand identity.
  4. Confusing landing pages— The call-to-action to book is not prominent enough and the booking process is not smooth for visitors.


  • Reviewed Tours of the 6’s existing website and evaluate how disparate the current design is from what they wanted to achieve under a new brand identity
  • Booked a tour with Tours of the 6 to experience all the user touchpoints from booking a tour to attendance

Design Inception


We envisioned Tours of the 6’s new brand colours to be colourful, bold, vibrant and saturated, like the energy exuded by Toronto itself.


We noted that the existing website certainly didn't do Tours of the 6 justice in properly conveying to users what the company has to offer: an unconventional walking tour that boasts itself to be modern, exciting, engaging, informal and friendly. My UI partner and I came up with three preliminary mood boards to reflect these qualities.


Mood Board #1


Mood Board #2


Mood Board #3

Mood Board #1

This mood board carried a little bit of their current branding as an urban walking tour, while also suggesting itself to be unconventional and modern with the unique colour palette: indigo with pink as an accent colour.

Mood Board #2

This mood board’s purpose was to suggest an eclectic feel of Tours of the 6’s walking tour as it includes Toronto’s historical monuments while also taking visitors to the cultural hub of the city. There’s something for everyone in Toronto: great food, entertainment and art. The colour palette had a much more cheerful and younger feel to it.

Mood Board #3

This mood board emphasized the artistic side of Toronto and pulled illustrations from Toronto artists.

The Verdict

When we presented these three mood boards to the client, they liked a little bit of everything: the colour palette in the first mood board, the patterns in the second one and the style in the third one. So we put together a final mood board that was all-encompassing.


Style Tile

Style Tile for Case Study

Design Decisions

About the Tour for Case Study

Style Guide

Tours of the 6 Style Guide


Our design language nicely complemented the user experience in effectively addressing Tours of the 6’s pain points. We were able to achieve the following outcomes:

  • A modern and unique colour palette that supports a new brand identity and allows Tours of the 6 to differentiate itself from its competitors
  • An effective landing page with a prominent colourized CTA button to book a tour
  • A typography that attracts visitors from different demographics
  • Iconography that highlights important information in a visually appealing manner
  • Images that capture Toronto as open and inviting, suggestive of Tours of the 6's desire to introduce the city in such a manner


The client loved our design but when I last checked, it seems that the venture has been winded up as the URL is no more.

Last updated: October 27, 2019

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